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Integrated logistics

Provide bonded and non bonded warehousing and distribution services

International Freight Forwarder

International freight forwarding services, air import and export, sea import and export

Import and export trade

International trade, re export trade, regional trade; trade brokers and agents; wholesale and import and export of food circulation.

Supply chain solutions

In order to reduce operating costs, fast turnover, and report enterprise benefits

Industry solutions

Good at logistics solutions for industry, chemical industry, medicine and medical equipment

Sinologasia is from Singapore. The group integrates more than 50 years' experience of Southeast Asia Logistics and information technology, organically combines traditional logistics service with emerging network technology, aiming to bring a new concept of logistics service for customers. For companies that want to provide their own products and services in this huge market in China, Xingluo logistics is absolutely Your undoubted choice.
The company's business throughout the country, the